Bake Expressions

You can easily Bake* the expressions to replace them by keyframes and improve the performance.

  1. Select the properties with the expressions.
  2. Click the Bake Expressions button.

You can [Shift] + [Click] the Bake Expressions button to adjust the options.


After Effects can natively bake expressions, with the Animation / Keyframe Assistant / Conver expression to keyframes tool, but it always adds one keyframe per frame.

Even with the Precise Mode, Duik is a bit smarter than that, as it only adds necessary keyframes (it adds keyframes if and only if there’s an actual movement). Duik can also optionaly create more keyframes than that, which may be needed for a cleaner motion blur, or less, if it’s fine for you to use interpolations in between.

With both modes, you can adjust the Precision value to change the number of resulting keyframes.
A higher value will create more keyframes (adding keyframes in between actual frames with the Precise mode, useful for a cleaner motion blur) and increase the precision and fidelity of the animation compared to the original expression.


Be careful, the Precision is a sensitive value. Don’t raise it too much!


With the Precise mode, a value lower than 1.0 will create less keyframes than one per frame.