Duik features in the API

Almost all features of Duik are available as very simple functions in the API.

As Duik comes with many features, they’re sorted in namespaces, which actually correspond to the panels of Duik.

Of course, all these methods are fully documented; you can read the reference of the Duik namespace to learn all of them.


To run the arm auto-rig, just run the arm method from the Rig namespace of Duik:

    // Automatically rig the selected bones as an arm

    // Or you can pass an array of layers to the rigging methods
    Duik.Rig.leg( someLayers );

As another example, you can also add a wiggle effect to the selected properties, or some properties of your choice.

The wiggle method is in the Automation namespace of Duik:

    // Add a Wiggle control with default options to the selected properties

    // Or you can set some parameters
    // 1. Separate dimensions
    // 2. Add one control per property (instead  of a single control for all of them)
    // 3. An array of properties to setup
    Duik.Automation.wiggle( true, true, someProperties );