With the previous version of Duik, the 16th, we decided to not only use a version number but also to give major versions an actual name.

This was the opportunity to say something, to choose a name with an important meaning. We decided to name Duik 16 in tribute to Bassel Khartabil Safadi1.

Now that Duik 17 is available, we’ve chosen a new name for the new version2.

Duik 17 will be called Ángela

*María Ángela Salazar Murillo*
María Ángela Salazar Murillo, find credits of the photo

Ángela has been chosen after Ángela Salazar.

María Ángela Salazar Murillo was a Colombian activist of African descent, member of the Commission for Truth3.

Her work was primarily focused on improving the rights of small-scale banana producers in Urabá, Colombia. This included making the city’s child workers literate.

She also worked with the demobilization of the guerrillas and paramilitary forces in the region, helping former combatants to commit to the peace process.

She was particularly involved in the defense of women rights and was member and co-founder of many organizations dedicated to peace and women rights through the 1990’s and 2000’s, working to seek peace and justice, directly documenting 550 cases, mainly of women victims of the paramilitary forces in Urabá, Córdoba and Chocó.

Ángela was nominated three times for the Antioqueña de Oro Award. Recognizing the importance of her work, the Mayor of Apartadó gave her the Bacota Dorada in recognition of her work and civic leadership in 2017.

Ángela Salazar died on 7 August 2020, at age 66, of COVID-19, during the pandemic in Colombia.


  1. Bassel Khartabil Safadi was a Syrian developer who showed to the people how it was important to hide their online conversations and how they could use secured software to communicate and avoid repression from the government. He was arrested in 2012, first imprisoned in a military prison, where he was tortured, and died in prison in 2015. 

  2. The name was chosen in tandem with the Duik community and supporters

  3. The Commission for the Clarification of Truth, Coexistence and Non-Repetition is an autonomous entity of the Colombian State that seeks clarification of the patterns and explanatory causes of the civil armed conflict, fulfils the right of the victims and the society to the truth, promotes the recognition of what happened, coexistence in the territories and contributes to laying the foundations for non-repetition, through a process of broad and plural participation for the construction of a stable and lasting peace.