Xsheet Icon X-Sheet

X-Sheet is a simple way to adjust the animation exposure of the properties, the layers or the whole composition.

This is a very useful tool if you are compositing traditional animation or trying to achieve a traditional look on CG animations. It can change the framerate of the composition or of the properties at any time, mixing framerates (what’s called the “exposure” in traditional animation) in the same composition, for different layers or at different times.


You can use the X-Sheet either as an adjustment layer for the whole comp, or on properties.

To use it as an adjustment layer, just click on the X-Sheet button. To add it on properties, select the properties before clicking in the button.


There are four ways to adjust the exposure of the animations / the compostion.

The three other methods do not use an exposure / framerate value, but keyframes or markers to set the times when the frame must change. This allows a very precise control of the exposure, and works like a X-Sheet in traditionnal animation.

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