Structure Tools


Never duplicate nor copy and paste Structures in After Effects, always create new Structures or use the Duplicate button in the Structures panel of Duik.

Internal unique identifiers are associated with the Structures, which won’t be updated when you copy or duplicate the Structures in After Effects. The Auto-rig and other rigging tools in Duik need these identifiers to work correctly and may fail if they are not set properly. The Duplicate tool does this.

Structures panel (standard)

Toggle Icon Toggle Edit Mode

Toggle edit mode (Standard and Expert mode) disables the parenting of all the children of the selected Structure element to be able to move it without affecting the other elements.

  1. Select some Structure elements
  2. Click the Toggle edit mode button
  3. You can now edit the Structure elements, moving, rotating and scaling them as you wish
  4. Once you have moved the Structure as you wish, do not forget to click the Toggle edit mode button again (with the elements selected) to re-parent the children.

Select strucutre Icon Select Structures

Click the Select structures button to select all the Structures in the composition.

Duplicate strucutre Icon Duplicate Structures

Click the Duplicate structures button to duplicate them. On the contrary of the duplicate function of After Effects, the resulting Structure will be correctly parented, and the layers will be grouped together in the stack.


When using this tool to duplicate Structures, Duik will adjust some internal stuff to make sure the Autorig can differentiate the duplicated one from the original one.


You should always use this button to duplicate Structures, and not duplicate with After Effects (Ctrl+D), or else the Auto-rig will consider the duplicated structure to be the same as the original one and will do weird stuff with it…

Show Hide Icon Show/Hide Structures

Shows or hides all (or selected) Structures found in the composition.

If there is no layer selected, this will show of hide all Structures in the composition, or else it will use the layer selection.

Edit strucutre Icon Edit Structures


Available in Standard and Expert modes only.


In the Edit panel, you can adjust the appearance of the Structures (Standard and Expert mode).

All changes made in this panel will affect all selected Structures and the creation of all other Structures.


The color parameter is ignored when you create predefined limbs (arm, leg, etc.), but you can always change the color afterwards.


By default, the Auto-Rig automatically bakes the appearance of the Structures.