Keyframe Icon Keyframe Tools

Design by Justine Cunha, animated by Duduf

The Animation panel contains all tools you may need all the time when in the process of animation.

Keyframe panel

SelectKeyframe Icon Select Keyframes

Select keyframes… is a very useful tool to quickly select a lot of keyframes together in the timeline.

SelectKeyframes panel


Interpolation Icon Interpolations

keyframes anim

Just under the Select keyframes button, there are several tools to quickly adjust the interpolations of the selected keyframes.

Interpolations panel

Spatial Interpolations

These four buttons are a quick access to the different types of spatial interpolations. The “Fix” button automatically fixes the bad trajectory sometimes generated when you duplicate keyframes. It does so by detecting spatial tangents which should not be there, for example when two successive keyframes are exactly at the same place but with tangents between them.