DuFrame Icon DuFrame: framing grids and guides.

Duframe is a very simple tool which creates different types of grids and guides on a Shape Layer, which you can extensively configure, to help the composition of the image.

DuFrame GIF

Frame Effect

This is the default frame and guides added when you apply the preset.


The first effect added to the layer lets you configure the frame.

Frame Effect

Custom lets you specify the format using the Format value.

Composition will compute the current aspect ratio of the composition, so you can know what it is in the Format value.

The other formats in the list are relatively common formats (some older, some more recent) which can be useful. The current standard for video is 16/9, and for digital cinema they are DCP Flat and DCP Scope.


The other effects are used to adjust the grids and guides.

You can have as many guides as you want, you just have to duplicate a grid effect to add a new one. The only limitation is that you cannot have twice the same type of grid or guide, but you can always duplicate the layer itself if you need.

You can temporarily hide a specific grid or guide by disabling the corresponding effect.

Frame Effect

Isometric Grid

Golden rectangle and Golden Fibonacci guides