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Nicolas Dufresne

Illustrations & Animations

Nicolas Dufresne
Parler le fracas, Thomas Fourniret, Jérémy Couturier
La Soupe au Caillou, Clémentine Robach
The wind in the Reeds, Nicolas Liguori
Bassel Khartabil Safadi, by Joi Ito [CC BY 2.0]
Léa Saint-Raymond
Justine Cunha
Thomas Henry Huxley
Claude Autret
Naomi Lambert


Nicolas Dufresne
Léa Saint-Raymond


René Andritsch

Duik Bassel

Lead Developper

Nicolas Dufresne


Kevin Masson


René Andritsch – German
Ana Arce – Spanish
Nicolas Dufresne – Français
eZioPan – Simplified Chinese
Илья Гусинский – Russian

Ideas and Feedback

René Andritsch
Fous d’anim
Motion Cafe
Morgan Williams

Production Management

Mickaël Carton

Development Help

Dan Ebberts - Writing the first IK Expressions
Eric Epstein - making the IK work with 3D Layers
Lars Jandel - ScriptUI & performance improvements
Kevin Schires – Including images in the script
Matias Poggini – Bézier IK

Special Thanks

Carpe Media / Odile Lepercq
Victoria Nece, Tim Kurkoski, John Colombo, Sébastien Périer and all the After Effects team
The Arce family
Nicolas Liguori, Clémentine Robach, Anne Viel
Assia Chioukh
Quentin Saint-Georges
Karl Marx


Nicolas Dufresne
Rainbox Productions
aescripts + aeplugins - Lloyd Alvarez
School of Motion
Didier Delbos
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