Duik Ángela (v17)

Duik is the comprehensive animation and rigging tool set for Adobe After Effects.

Sébastien Périer, Anthony Ménard, 2018
All rights reserved.

Duik’s comprehensiveness, ease of use, 14 years of continuous development and awesome community1 have made it the leading and the industry standard tool for character animation with After Effects.

It provides the main rigging tools, found in any 3D software, like IK, controllers, and bones, but adapts them to 2D animation in After Effects. With Duik you can rig complex characters and use advanced animation techniques usually used in 3D softwares. If you do not know what rigging means, it may be because it is a bit too soon for you to use those tools. Please refer to the section entitled Should I use Duik?

Duik has plenty of animation tools too - managing keyframes and interpolations, traditional animation, animation exposure, etc. - and many automations, like wiggle, spring, swing, wheel, etc. which allow you to animate more quickly and easily.

Duik also has some other useful tools, such as camera controls, that are not solely tied to animation but can be really useful for animators, riggers and even compositors.

Duik’s comprehensiveness and ease of use have made it a script used in numerous movies across the world2. It has an international success; it is used to create TV series, advertising, motion design, video games, music videos, short movies and feature films. It’s available in 7 different languages, and it’s downloaded more than 16.000 times a month on average.

Watch the official 15-minute introductory tutorial3.

1. Parler le Fracas, Thomas Fourniret, Jérémy Couturier, 2012,
2. The Wind in the Reeds, Nicolas Liguori, 2016
3. La Soupe au Caillou, Clémentine Robach, 2015
All rights reserved.

This software is Free, as in “free beer” as well as in “your freedom to use it as you wish”.

We need your help. Without your contributions, we can not continue our work to make the world a better place, by protecting your freedom, far from mercantilism.


▹ You can download Duik Ángela from rxLaboratory5.

▹ The source code is on Github, and the API for developpers is fully documented6.



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  1. Visit membership.rxlab.info for more information about the community and RxLab. memeberships. 

  2. Visit showcase.rxlab.info to have a look at a selection of films and projects animated with RxLaboratory’s tools. 

  3. Visit tutorials.rxlab.info to watch all RxLaboratory’s official tutorials. 

  4. You can find download links and detailed information on rxlaboratory.org 

  5. You can donate on donate.rxlab.info 

  6. The Duik API reference is available at duik.rxlab.io