Paint rig

Use the Paint Rig to rig brush strokes in the paint effect and adjust and animate them as if they were a single stroke.

Die Jungfrau,
Gustav Klimt, 1913
Public domain.

  1. Select some paint strokes
  2. Click on the Paint rig button


Use the effect added on the layer to adjust and animate all brush strokes at once.

The Start, End, Color and Diameter parameters work like the same parameters in the individual strokes, but controlling all of them as if they were a single stroke.

Diameter and Color are divided into two parameters to be able to interpolate from the first stroke to the last one, and act like a ramp through all the strokes.
You can change how this ramp works in the Interpolation section.

The order of the strokes can be changed at any time by reordering them in the layer stack.