Should I use Duik?

Rigging - no matter what software you use - is a complicated subject that requires advanced knowledge of both character animation, the software you are using to do the rigging, and, ideally a good undersanding of anatomy.

Before using Duik to create character rigs, you should master:

  • General basics of animation, including character animation (body mechanics, acting, walk cycles, etc.), and basic anatomy.
  • After Effects animation tools: keyframe types, interpolations, graph editor…
  • After Effects rigging tools: parenting, the basics about expressions, the puppet tool if you plan to use it…

Do NOT try to learn both After Effects and Duik together. For example, it is NOT a good idea to try to rig a character with a combination of Duik and the puppet tool if you do not perfectly understand how the puppet tool itself works.


A complete book about all these subjects is being written by Duduf and will be available… One day or another.