Help icon Contextual help

If you need help, click on the bottom right button in Duik to open the Contextual help, or hold the Shift button on your keyboard while clicking on any button to get some help.

In this help panel, there are 3 tabs: Help, News and About

Contextual Help panels

  • The first displays some help, using the context of what you’re currently doing with Duik: it will display the help of the current tool. You can display the help for any tool by clicking on the tool with the Shift button.
  • The second tab displays the latest news about Duik and Rainbox. If a new version of Duik is available, it will be advertised there.
  • The third tabs contains more information about Duik.

At the bottom of the panel, the More… button will get you to a more detailed web page about the current tool.